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Freedom to work anywhere

Client Service that is second to none

SenEarthCo is constantly evolving

SenEarthCo integrates more fully than any other software

A Smarter Way to Manage Communities

Our system gives managers an efficient methodology for managing associations, communicating with Boards and homeowners and sharing data with internal staff and vendors. Management made easy through an integrated management system that connects seamlessly to your accounting software.

All The Tools You Need To Manage Your Communities

Community Information

Rules and Regs, CC&Rs, documents and contracts can all be online in a role protected format.


Newsletters and Community Calendars; a Letter Writer and a Manager specific message board to share important information.

Association Business

All of the daily tasks that managers and associations need to do to manage their community; integrated with a monthly report.

Unit Information

The go-to location for quick information on a specific home; set yourself apart with outstanding customer service capabilities!

Vendor Information

Communicate electronically and efficiently with maintenance and construction vendors while never losing data or control!

Community Website Add-Ons

Want a more robust website to promote your community to members and outside parties? SenEarthCo® has it!

We Integrate With Service Providers You Already Use

Through our conduit we’ll connect to your accounting software, resale doc portal, bank and much more!

Happy Homeowners

In addition to assuring greater efficiency and less frustration for you, SenEarthCo® improves relationships with homeowners. Across the country the new homeowners moving into our communities are younger people who have grown up with computers and expect services to be provided online. Our industry has to keep current with the expectations of our homeowners and SenEarthCo does just that!

With SenEarthCo you can:

  • Give board members and homeowners access to information 24/7.
  • Share information with internal staff so that homeowner questions get answered immediately; not waiting for an association manager to return to the office.
  • Permit them to look up policies, find and print documents, and order services—right online.
  • Save associations money and your company storage space by using emails as often as possible.
  • Keep them informed and up-to-date via online alerts, newsletters, minutes, and financial documents.
  • Offer homeowners the option to pay assessments online.

Automation makes you look good and saves money. You’ll have fewer phone calls, less busy work, and more satisfied clients.

“My association information is available online to me 24/7″ 

“Submitting a maintenance request is easy, and I am always in the loop with email updates”

“Finding association information is fast when I use the document word search function”


“Our company has over 120 associations totaling over 20,000 units. We have two main offices and a number of satellite offices. We appreciate a comprehensive and interactive web site to enhance the communication from the board to the membership as well as the ability of the board to monitor the management functions we perform.”

— Douglas E. Wilson
President, Advanced Management, Inc.

“Following a three-year software search and evaluation process, we are pleased to have decided upon SenEarthCo. Not only are we pleased with its operational capabilities, we are very pleased with the quality of response and support from the entire SenEarthCo team.”

— Kit Garren
President & CEO, IPM

“When I purchased my management business five years ago, I began my search for software that would allow me to stay one step ahead of my competition while offering valuable information to our homeowners at a click of a button. Not only did SenEarthCo offer this conduit but also included software to make our managers more efficient—thereby making the business more money. The team at SenEarthCo knows the business, as they, too, are involved with property management every day. This experience offers not only a person to consult with but a team to grow with.”

— Onie Bolduc
President, BOLD Real Estate Solutions