Frequently Asked Questions

Does SenEarthCo® do accounting?

SenEarthCo does not do accounting; we tie into your existing accounting software so that your accountant does not have to change systems and managers are not required to learn the accounting software.

Is my data secure?

All data placed into SenEarthCo is housed in a third-party server farm with all of the security and redundancies required to keep your information safe. Backed-up daily and then nightly to a second city, you can be confident that your data is secure and available.

What about getting “hacked” and having funds drained?

SenEarthCo does not store account numbers or credit card information so no one can access a homeowner or management company’s accounts through our system. In addition, only SenEarthCo has access to your accounting system. Only after the data is pulled across into our servers do users have access.

What makes SenEarthCo different than other systems?

SenEarthCo is the ONLY management system in our industry that is specifically created for management companies and managers. We focus on you, the manager, and making your job better, easier and less stressful through automation. No other system integrates as thoroughly for a manager. And that translates into efficiencies for the management company.

How do I know that unauthorized users can’t see what they shouldn’t?

The system is all role and password protected; you can feel secure with functions and information.

Are there any set-up fees associated with getting started?

SenEarthCo does not charge you for set-up. We have built our conduits into most of the industry-used accounting systems as well as various third-party applications, so you do not need to pay for that again. Once we train you on the Administrative section of our system you take control over getting set-up. However, we will be there for you each step of the way if you need us.

Can we protect certain information so that it can only be seen by the Manager or the Board, not all homeowners?

SenEarthCo provides default roles that have been created using the most industry accepted access. All roles are user/password protected so that no one can see or do things that you don’t want them to. We allow you to alter those roles should your association have specific role access that they want. For example; by default our homeowner role does not give access to the monthly association financial reports that are available to all Board members. If your association wants all homeowners to have “view-only” access to the monthly association financials you have the ability to change the role. It’s easy and quick to make changes to the roles at the company or association level.

Is there a way to give access to our Attorney so that they can get information on the community and specific homeowners?

SenEarthCo has a pre-determined role category at the company level that will allow you to create access for your professional business partners. Attorneys, Accountants, Auditors or Developers can have access to real-time association data that they need to do their jobs for you; without taking time from managers and internal staff. The access can be specific to the association that the professional partner services and to the data that you want them to have access to.

What about homeowners who do not have email?

Not a problem! SenEarthCo will automatically create hardcopies, pre-addressed to the homeowner and ready to print; by your staff or an outside mailing service.

How do you handle changes to the system?

We are constantly improving SenEarthCo and you automatically get the enhancements.

Can SenEarthCo integrate with our bank or other third-party services?

SenEarthCo is proud of our position on third party integrations. We are very happy to help our clients to be more efficient by using additional software resources in conjunction with SenEarthCo that they feel will improve their operations. Banks, Accounting Software, Resale Documentation, Payment Processors, and many more. If you have a great business partner that you would like to have us integrate with, just ask, we are truly happy to do what we can to make everything work efficiently with our friends in the business!

Where'd we get our name?

SenEarthCo (pronounced “sen ûrth’ ko”) means Sensible Earth Communities.

Sensible — Our method of management is practical and reasonably priced and takes into account environmental factors involved in making important property decisions.
Earth — The place that we live and the planet that sustains us.
Communities — How we live and with whom we live.
SenEarthCo is Sensible Earth Communities. It is who we are and how we do our work.